The word itself is virtually ‘foreign’ by the notion of “nation” — a land removed or sanctioned from others.

Seriously, I’m an expert in the craft (0r art) of procrastination — proudly so — and happily successful by its demanding expectations and products. Truthfully, I celebrate it quietly as I can attest to my most brilliant/proud results a product of the definition. I recall so many university assignments due in mere days without a speck of commencement in the physical form, but having nurtured so much already cognitively weeks prior, storing my goodness inside my head …not yet ready to hatch. But when it did, it erupted in exceptional form, brilliant in context and rewarded appropriately.  This tendency continued into my professional career as an editor and priot a features writer.

This NEW YORK TIMES article I found is a wonderful explanation of the science behind what drives professionals and superiors of art and professions who poise themselves for the final moments of pressure to perform to their utmost capacities.

Procrastination is not a weakness, rather a powerful tactic in performance. If you are a procrastinator, celebrate your edginess and ability to succumb to the pressure of minimal timeliness. And if you’re ultra curious, check out University of Calgary’s resident expert, Dr. Piers Steel, who can explain this phenomenon in all its positivity.

Yours in motivation,


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